10 Year-old Piano Prodigy, Who Wowed the Judges on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT

This 10 year old kid auditioned for America’s Got Talent and he could have as well spent his time on stage just reading his resume and he would still get YES from all judges.

Adrian is a 9 year old student, highly talented child with an amazing personality. He skipped 5 grades to be now in grade 8 going next year on grade 10

Adrian Romoff expresses his emotions with music as you can clearly see in the above video clip. The impressive quote from Adrian tonight was when asked if he was "That smart" (to skip so many grades) by Heidi Klum, he had a quick retort and said "According to reality, yes." 

Adrian Romoff is from Atlanta, Georgia. Adrian first showed interest in strings at 2 1/2. Adrian began studying piano in earnest at 4 1/2, and his mother Olga Romoff has been his primary teacher. Previous attempts at working with an outside piano teacher were not as successful, said Ms. Romoff, noting Adrian was working through two and three books a week. At age 7, Adrian appeared on national television, charming Ellen DeGeneres in an interview.

Informed he was already in eighth grade, Heidi Klum from AGT asked, "You're that smart?"

"According to reality, yes," Adrian replied, matter-of-factly.

Adrian, 9, and precocious as they come, spent the first six years of his young life in Pittsburgh and now lives in Atlanta with his mother, Olga. His is a name well-known in these parts; uncle, Jeffrey, is president and CEO of UPMC.