Top 10 Made In China Toxic and Fake Foods That We Must All Avoid.

From deadly melamine in milk products to harmful honey, China has long allowed toxic food products (and other dangerous exports) to leave its borders.

1. Manufactured or Imitation Eggs

Manufactured or Imitation Eggs

There are a number of online tutorials that will teach you how to “make your own eggs”. These tutorials ask you to combine a number of harmful chemicals like alginic dic, potassium and aluminium, just to name a few. Eating this “egg” is not recommended and they may cause memory-loss. 

2. Green Peas

Green Peas

Several years back there was a public scandal when it was revealed that a lot of Chinese green peas were actually manufactured. In essence it was discovered that the green peas were made from a combination of snow peas, soy beans, dye and a lot of hard to pronounce chemicals.

3. Cod Fish

Cod Fish

China is known for their cod fish farms. Since the demand for cod is quite high, these farms are usually over-populated, which leads to an unhealthy living environment. It’s not uncommon to find cod living in its own waste. Chinese cod is not healthy and should be avoided as best as possible.

4. Chicken


Although Chinese chicken is not manufactured, it’s still best to avoid it. In 2013, after the sale of Chinese chicken was approved in the United States, a number of food safety experts came forward with concerns over the quality of the meat due to the risk of avian influenza (not to mention the crazy levels of pesticides used)

5. Garlic


A few years back, United States food safety experts put Chinese garlic under a metaphorical microscope. It was found that Chinese garlic was treated very heavily with pesticides and it’s best to avoid consuming it. That being said, more than 30% of garlic consumed in the US is imported from China.

6. Tilapia Fish

Tilapia Fish

Much like the aforementioned cod fish, Tilapia is also farmed heavily in China. Unfortunately the living environments of the fish make its meat unfit for human consumption. Samples suggest that Chinese farmed Tilapia is some of the most toxic fish you can come across.

7. Mud = Pepper?

Mud = Pepper?

Recently a Chinese man has been outed as selling local mud as black pepper. Not only that, but he also sold a “white pepper” that was made mostly out of wheat flour.

8. Fake Salt

Fake Salt

Industrial salt, a salt that is completely unfit for human consumption. Although it may come with a lot of health concerns, China has been selling industrial salt as table salt for over a decade.

9. Plastic Rice

Plastic Rice

When thinking of Chinese cuisine, rice is inevitably the first edible item that comes to mind. Funny enough, the Chinese actually manufacture some of their rice. It is believed it is made from potatoes and a synthetic resin. Medical professionals warn that this product can be carcinogenic.

10. Pork Beef?

Pork Beef?

In China, like most places, pork is less expensive than beef, so some restaurants will attempt to chemically modify pork to “convert” it into beef. In essence, the pork is treated with some chemicals, then a beef extract is used to marinate the meat. Eating this product is not recommended, and some doctors can be quoted saying that this meat can cause cancer.