Eastern Visayas Beach Resort and Farm list

The Eastern Visayas with the islands of Leyte and Samar. It has a lot of beautiful places that not well known to everyone.

1. Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach in Padre Burgos, S. Leyte is the only white sand beach that can be found in the whole mainland of Leyte. The beach in the eastern part of Leyte is made of black sand, while in the western part it is mostly of pebbles and stone and rocks. However, Tangkaan beach proves to be different. Not only has it white sand for the beach but it also has some beautiful rock formations. The sea is clear and surprisingly it has beautiful corals teeming with small fishes just two or three meters from the shore during low tides. The name itself has a story. 'Tangka" means to attempt. In the past, there have been several attempts by the Moros to raid the place, but they could not get to land their boats because of the strong currents. Hence, the name Tangkaan. This strong current, I found out when I went on snorkeling. I did not even have to exert any effort to swim as the current was fast. The good thing was that the current was not going out into the open sea but just along the island.

2. Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island is endowed with beautiful white sandy beach, rich marine life and coral gardens, which invite intrepid divers and snorkelers especially on summer season. During high tide, Sambawan transforms into three beautiful islets.

Sambawan Island is located on the northwestern part of Biliran Island and is 20 minutes away from the smallest town of Biliran, Maripipi Island. There is no direct flight to Naval, Biliran and the nearest airport is in Tacloban City. Travel time from Tacloban City to Naval, Biliran is approximately 2 hours, and van fare is 140 pesos. If you are coming from Cebu, you can take the SuperCat which has a daily trip to Ormoc (5:30, 11:00, and 4:30PM). Travel time to Naval from Ormoc is also 2 hours, but you won't be paying anything for the van c/o SuperCat, just present your ticket. Drop off point whether you come from Tacloban or Ormoc is at Naval Port.