17 Cleverly Designed Shopping Bags For Branding and Creating Awareness

Simple, silly yet fashionable shopping bag designs that communicate company's brands and conveys message effectively.

1. Fitness Shopping Bag

Fitness Shopping Bag

2. Nail Bitter

Nail Bitter

3. Underware


4. The Abs

The Abs

5. Pet Shopping Buddy

Pet Shopping Buddy

6. Goose Neck

Goose Neck

7. Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

8. Bloody Bag

Bloody Bag

9. Hairdo Bag

Hairdo Bag

10. I'll Shoot You Bag

I'll Shoot You Bag

11. Camera Bag

Camera Bag

12. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

13. Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape

14. Ratan Paper Bag

Ratan Paper Bag

15. Knuckle Brass

Knuckle Brass

16. Auto Parts

Auto Parts

17. Crafty Craftsman

Crafty Craftsman